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Terms & Conditions

Full terms & conditions for Nottingham Cakes are detailed below. By paying your deposit it will be deemed that the terms and conditions are understood and accepted as applying to your order.

Nottingham Cakes is a home based cake making business and our prices reflect not only our experience but also our status as a registered, fully insured and taxable business. 

To ensure your cake is as good on the inside as the outside we also only use the finest ingredients and professional quality sugarpaste. The price stated for any quotes is for vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream. Other flavours such as chocolate, lemon, red velvet, carrot and fruit cake will be an additional charge.

The price quoted is for the designs discussed, changes to the design may increase the price if more complex modelling is involved. 

Please note - all our cakes are bespoke and as such your cake may vary from any previous cakes or pictures you have provided but will of course be made to the skill level you have seen on our website.

All prices are non-negotiable and quotes are  priced according to your unique design requirements plus  the size/flavour of your cake. 

Quotes are valid for five days and a deposit is needed to secure your booking. We are unable to save dates without a deposit and a delay in paying your deposit may mean your chosen date is not available.

A non-refundable  deposit  of £50 for celebration cakes and £75 for wedding cakes  is required in order to secure the commission of your cake and chosen date with Nottingham Cakes. 

If your deposit is not paid within five days  of quoting  we reserve the right to open that date to other customers. 

Deposit payments can be made via paypal, bank transfer, cheque/postal orders or cash. Your balance is payable on collection for celebration cakes or a month before the date for wedding cake

Quotes and deposits


If cancellation of an order takes place we reserve the right to retain your non refundable deposit. If cancellation takes place less than 7 days before the event then we reserve the right to seek 100% of the order value. 

We retain the right to cancel the booking in very unusual circumstances beyond our control, such as fire or ill health, during which we will refund any money taken in full.


When you have paid the deposit your cake will be booked in and a copy of the order form sent to you. It is your responsibility to read & check through this thoroughly as this will be used to design your cake.

Any changes to the design/theme of your cake once booked in would need to be made at least three weeks before the collection date. Please note changes to design may incur an additional charge especially if more complex modelling is required

We reserve the right to change the design at any point if circumstances beyond our control, may compromise the quality of the finished cake, e.g. Melting due to weather. 

Please note that as every cake is handmade and as such your cake may vary from any pervious cake or pictures you have provided but will of course be made to the skill level you have seen on our website.

Buttercream and chocolate covered cakes.

It is recommend extreme caution if you are considering a cake decorated with chocolate for a summer event. (May-September). We cannot accept responsibility for any melting of the cake once it has left our possession, as we have no control over the environment / venue temperature. We can however advise you of designs that are less susceptible to melting and do everything within our control to reduce the impact on the cake.

Fresh Flowers

If your cake requires fresh flowers, then these are not included in the price. We would expect you florist to provide and arrange the flowers once we have set up the cake at the venue. Please note Nottingham cakes are not responsible for any problems with your fresh flowers. Please take the advice of your florist as to what flowers are suitable for your cake, Some flowers (e.g. Ivy) are poisonous and not suitable for use on food products. Others flowers would not suitable on a naked or buttercream cake.

We cannot take responsibility for any damage rendered to the cake caused by a floral arrangement that was implemented by your florist. 

Special diets/gluten free/egg free/vegan

Please note we do not currently have the separate kitchen/preparation areas needed to provide cakes for special diets.

Allergen advice

Please note all our all our cakes contain  Gluten, Egg and Milk and may contain traces of nut and/or soya. They are suitable for Vegetarians

Non -edible items.

Most cakes contain small proportions of inedible items; You will be advised on collecting the cake of any inedible embellishments and or support structures in your cake, small modelled figures often contain cocktail sticks as supports and should not be given to children to eat. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure these are removed before consumption.


When you collect your cake it will need to be transported in a cool car either in the boot or front passenger seat footwell if it is a single tier cake, we do not recommend transporting your cake on the seat of your car. It is recommended that you put a clean towel under the cake to avoid sliding and that other large objects are not nearby in the car. Care should be taken when driving with a cake in the car, sudden braking or sharp turns may damage your cake. 

When you collect your cake you will be shown how to hold it safely, all cakes will be boxed but if your cake is tall a lid may not fit on the box, however if the weather is inclement your cake  will be covered with a plastic sheet, it is important to keep the cake out of the rain. 

Stacked tiered cakes will have been dowelled and stacked together with royal icing, they will be stable and should not slip when our guidelines are followed. We have delivered numerous stacked cakes with no incidents.

Once the cake has been collected Nottingham Cakes accepts no responsibility for any damage to the cake resulting from incorrect transportation, storage or from any accident that occurs to the cake once it leaves our premises. Cake is fragile so please treat your cake with care.

Delivery is usually included in your wedding cake  quote. If you would like to collect your wedding cake rather than have it delivered please ask. We only advise this for two tier cakes.

Once delivered, we cannot be held liable for any damage that is rendered to the cake at the venue once we have left the premises. It is with this in mind that we require somebody responsible, to check  and sign that they are happy with the cake before we leave. 

Late requests for delivery (after securing the booking based on collection) will be accommodated where possible, but cannot be guaranteed, as earlier delivery commitments must take priority.

Please note it is the clients responsibility to ensure arrangements are made for the cake table, linen, cake stand & knife, which should all be set- up prior to our arrival. If any delay is incurred due to these not being set-up, we reserve the right to charge for any delay incurred (labour / time costs at £20 per hour). Please take extra care to ensure a stable cake table is available if you are having a marquee wedding, as surrounding floorboards can easily rock the cake once stood on. 

Please remember that cake decorations are very delicate items, and we cannot accept responsibility for damage that is done to the cake after it has left our possession. 

If any damage is rendered to the cake after it has left our possession, then you can advise us and request a repair, which will be costed accordingly, including transport costs if appropriate. 


Once home the cake is best stored in a dry, cool dark place away from children/pets but not in a refrigerator. Please do not leave your cake in a car for extended periods, in sunlight or by a radiator. 

Your cake is made to ensure it is fresh for the date of your event, Once cut we recommend cake is stored in an airtight container and consumed within seven days of collection. You may also freeze your cake which preserves the taste of the sponge and icing as much as feasibly possible, but please bear in mind that it will affect the visual appearance of the icing, as condensation will form upon defrosting. 

Food hygiene recommendations recommend that food should only be frozen for a maximum of 3 months.

To obtain the maximum portions from your cake use a large, sharp knife to cut the cake, wiping the blade between each cut. Cut the cake on a grid pattern to give portions of 1x2’’ for sponge cake and 1x1’’ for fruitcake.

Our portion guides are intended as a guide only. This will vary dependant upon how you or the chef/venue cuts the cake. 

Stand hire

If you would like to hire a cake stand, then a cash deposit is required prior to release. 

Deposit amounts vary dependant upon the value of the item being hired. 

Please make arrangements to ensure items hired are safely returned to us within 7 days of event.

Once we receive the hired item back we will release the deposit held subject to no breakages. 


If you have concerns about your cake, please notify us upon collection / delivery of the cake so that we have the opportunity to rectify it in time for your event. All other concerns should be made in writing, and evidence of the fault should be included. No refunds are given due to change of mind or not liking the design once the cake has been accepted.

Any refunds are at the discretion of Nottingham Cakes. 


We reserve the right to photograph our cakes and use such photographs for display or promotion without compensation to you. This shall include, but not be limited to sharing such photographs through various Social Media Outlets. If your cake includes a edible image of yourself or any members of your family/friends then your permission will be sought before posting online. All such posting will be made well after the event/celebration.

We are happy for you to post pictures of your cake with its recipients on our facebook page facebook/nottinghamcakes. We would love you to also leave a review/star rating on our page. This is a great way to let other customers know that you have been pleased with your cake and our service.

We pride ourselves on our personal yet professional service. Thank you for using our services.